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Opinion, part 73

Quinn is a real bitch. She started dating Brian, then Jesse, then flirting with Finn, then Sam, then dated Puck, then got pregnant from him -even if she lost the baby, then dumped him because ‘it wasn’t the same’, then flirted with Rory too and now she’s finally dating Mike while she regrets not having given the Leprechaun a chance to be with her.

And you call your supposedly friend Santana a bitch? Wow. Hurry up, I bet there are still some boys left for you to go after. Just remember not to hit on Blaine and Kurt because, just so you know, they’re gay. You can always try with the girls after you’re done with them.

Gossip, part 115

Who does Harmony like ? Rory, she’s liked for awhile. Sam, she’s now flirting with over a tv show. Sebastian, they’re talking about how she looks like Snow White. Who else ?

Gossip, part 114

We seem to have gotten a new group of new people here in what Sienna calls Hell. I bet we can all bet that Lucas Andrews, the Justin Bieber wannabe, is do going to get a slushie facial his first day at Mckinley. And all of the new girls will probably be fine.

Gossip, part 113

It’s obvious that Rory still secretly has feelings for Harmony. Why else would he only ask her to videochat with him?

Gossip, part 112

I bet we can all bet what Santana and Finn are going to get each other for Christmas. If you need to think about it, you need to get your head checked.

Opinion, part 72

Naomi needs to shut up. Harmony said before, she was in an abusive relationship and she was raped countless times and she doesnt use it to her advantage to get attention like Naomi does about cutting or whatever.